This Little Device Could Save Your Teen's Life
Arrives Home at 6:25 PM
Leaves School at 3:22 PM
Leaves Work at 6:03 PM
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Plug & Play

Install in seconds without tools or special skills. Monitor your teen's driving right after you plug the device in


See where your teen is in real-time

Locate your teen's vehicle at anytime using your computer, tablet, laptop or cell phone.

Record & Improve

Record and chart unsafe driving events so you can monitor improvement over time.


Parental Involvement is Key to Safety

Research studies have shown that teens of parents that engage with them about driving
BEFORE and AFTER they receive ther license are significantly less likely to me involved in a serious accident.

Communication is Vital to Success

MobiCoPilot provides a daily "scorecard" that you and your teen can use to monitor progress, address unsafe behavoirs and prove accountability.
The more you talk with your teen about driving, the better their odds of avoiding costly mistakes. Most accidents involving teens are preventable.

Set Clear Limits and Expections

Accountability works when you and your teen have a clear understanding of the rules.
Make sure your teen understands that all traffic laws are to be followed, what times and what places are allowed
for vehicle use, who may and who may not ride with the teen and that there is zero tolerance for any any drug or alcohol use.

The riskiest time in your teen's life is when they start driving

Most teens and many parents greatly overestimate the skill of newly licensed teen drivers.
Inexperience is the primary reason that 16-19 year olds have more accidents than every other age group combined.
Teens mistakenly assume that since they've had driver's education and passed a driver's test, they are "good" drivers.

84 % of teens admit to talking on their cell phone while driving

40% of teens admit to texting while driving

48% of teen girls admit to speeding more then 10 MPH

10% of teens admit to drinking and driving

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I hated not knowing where my 16 year old son was, or if he was driving responsibly.

Now I breathe easy when I hand him the keys.

Georgia Agrait, APRN - Pensacola, FL