Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel?

Simply send an email to with your username and we will cancel your plan. If its within the first 30 days of purchase, we'll email instructions on how to return your device for a full refund.

Please Note: if you cancel your subscription, the tracker cannot be reactivated later. You must purchase a new tracker.

2. How does MobiCoPilot Work?

The tracker in plugged into a connector underneath the car’s dash. The tracker contains a GPS receiver, a cellular data modem, an accelerometer and an interface to the vehicles on board computer. By monitoring location, acceleration and engine status, the tracker is able to send back periodic messages to our website that details the vehicles location and operation.

3. Will it work with my car?

The tracker will work with virtually all cars and small trucks manufactured after 1996.

4. How difficult is it to install?

MobiCoPilot is very easy to install and takes less than a minute. Locate the ODB connector and plug the unit in. You won’t need any tools, but you may need a flashlight to locate the connector.

5. Can the tracker be hidden?

Some ODB connectors are far enough under the dash so that the device will be out of site. If that is not the case with your car, there are cables and alternate tracking devices available that can be concealed in the vehicle. Before hiding the device, however, consider if it’s not better to leave the device in plain site. See question 5.

6. Should I let me teen know that MobiCoPilot is installed?

Yes. The purpose of MobiCoPilot is to reduce risky behavior and improve driving skills. If someone (not just teens) knows they are being evaluated, they will behave differently. The objective after all is to reduce driving accidents, and the key is education and accountability. The way to get maximum benefit of MobiCoPilot GPS Driver Monitoring if for both you and your teen to review and discuss the reports generated.

7. How often do I get position "updates?"

When the vehicle is in motion, an update is sent at least every two minutes. When the vehicle is stopped, updates are sent at least once per hour.

8. Will my teen feel that I’m "spying" on them?

They may initially. Our experience is that resistance is short lived. It’s your car and a condition of using it is that MobiCoPilot is installed. If you start using it when your teen first gets their license (or after getting privileges back after an incident) explain that as your confidence in their ability to be a safe and responsible driver grows, their access to the care will increase.

9. Can it be unplugged?

It can be unplugged but you will get an email or text notification saying the tracker has been disconnected.

10. How many trackers can I use in my account?

There is no limit, but if you’re looking for fleet tracking for your business, contact us. We have solutions specifically tailored for that.

11. How long has MobiCoPilot been in business?

MobiCoPilot is the consumer and small business product division of Tec-Trac, Inc. Tec-Trac was started in 2002 and provides tracking and dispatching solutions to major utility companies.

12. Why did you decide to offer a Teen Driving Monitor Product

We have teen children ourselves and saw the need. We also realized that the work we’ve done for businesses could easily be adapted to family/teen drivers.

13. Tell me about your risk free guarantee

It’s simple. If you are not satisfied with MobiCoPilot within the first 30 days of use, simply ship the tracking device back to us, and we’ll issue you a full refund. We only want your money if you're completely happy with our service.

14. What a reasonable number of unsafe events to expect in a day?

If your driver is getting more than one unsafe event per day, there is probably room for improvement in their driving ability. "Aggressive driving" is usually pretty obvious from the reports. You’ll see numerous unsafe events per trip including hard breaking, excessive acceleration, engine revving and speeding. An occasional unsafe alert is to be expected. This could be braking to avoid someone who pulled out in traffic, or accelerating to merge from a highway entrance ramp in rush hour.

15. Can you explain the meaning of a hard braking unsafe event?

This is detected by an on board accelerometer and indicates the vehicle has reduced its speed in a shorter interval than the threshold. Repeated hard breaking alerts indicate the driver may be driving aggressively or may be distracted. To avoid hard breaking alerts, the driver should coast gently to stops and avoid slamming on the vehicles brakes.

16. What causes an excessive acceleration event?

This is detected by an on board accelerometer and indicates the vehicle is increasing its speed in a shorter interval than the threshold. Repeated excessive acceleration events may indicate the driver is driving aggressively and is wasting fuel. To avoid excessive acceleration events, accelerate gradually and avoid flooring the accelerator pedal.

17. What causes an Engine Revving Event?

This is detected through the OBD connector and indicates the RPM of the engine was higher than normally necessary for safe driving, e.g. the accelerator was "floored." Repeated Engine Revving alerts indicate the driver is driving aggressively and wasting fuel. To avoid Engine Revving alerts, gradually increase speed and do not floor the accelerator.

18. Do you have a phone app?

MobiCoPilot is a web based app. You can login from your phone and see the vehicles location and driving reports. The app sends both text messages and email alerts to your phone. The initial setup of MobiCoPilot is best accomplished from a computer.

19. Can I see where my teen has driven?

Yes, a driving history is provided that will show on a map and a grid all the locations your teen has driven. You can pick a specific day, like yesterday, or a range of days, like last week.

20. How can I tell when my teen arrives at locations like home and school?

You can setup Landmarks in Mobicopilot by drawing a circle on a map around certain locations of interest like home, school, friends houses, etc. Then you can receive an email and/or text message every time your teen arrives or departs that Landmark.

21. Can I set certain times when my teen cannot drive?

MobiCoPilot lets you specify the authorized hours each day your teen can drive. For example you can set 7 am to 9 pm Sunday - Friday and 8 am to 11 pm on Saturday. If your teen uses the vehicle outside of these time frames you can receive an email and/or text message alert.

22. Can I send text messages and email alerts to more than 1 person?

Yes, MobiCoPilot supports up to 5 email addresses and 2 text message numbers.